Dump Box Trailers worth keeping!

Dump Box Trailers

2015 Models now available!
New pricing................. yep! 

12' bumper pull model is only $5,795
14' bumper pull model is only $5,995
Add a Gooseneck hitch for only $750
Tarp kit installed $395 or you bolt it on for only $295! 
Matching 235/80R-16 E rated radial tire and wheel as a spare... loose $150
Add a spare mount to any bumper pull model for only $85
Spare mount on Gooseneck? Standard... just add the wheel.

As I was writing this page and doing updates, I remembered a new 2015 model that a good customer just came and got. I shot a bunch of photos and will use it as an excellent example of what you can expect when you get your new Dump Box from us! Scroll down and ride along!

Black Gold, an environmental company located in Lincoln Nebraska custom ordered this new 14' bumper pull dump box in custom red color with a reel out tarp kit from us. They had looked at 'every dump box out there' according to their president and they chose to get one from us, which is flattering indeed. Here's the rundown on their unit, which is very indicative of what you'll be getting on your new unit.

New 2015 Model 14' dump box trailer in red! Nice looking and nice working! Let's start at the nose and go to the tail on this one. First, check out the 6" channel steel main frame stacked on top of the 6" channel steel tongue. Up front you'll find the 14,000lb rated coupler that is standard. This brings up an issue as well. Many folks talk about adjustable height couplers, thinking that they are a better, or that they carry more weight.

Well... that USED to be true. But about 8 years ago, Ram Pacific released the coupler you see here and suddenly, you didn't need to deal with the hassle of a bulky, knuckle busting adjustable height coupler to get the rating... so we opted to clean it up. The trailer is designed to run perfectly behind a truck with the 2 5/16" ball set at 23" from the ground to the top of the ball and buying the right ball mount for your truck is about 400% cheaper than us forcing the expense of an adjustable height coupler onto the trailer... so there you go.

Shot of an optional adjustable height coupler with Pintle Ring hitch installed. When you spend the $125 for this option, you have 4 choices of hitch... 2 5/16" latch type coupler, 2 5/16" Bulldog style coupler, Pintle ring or even a farm clevis style hitch. Now, that being said... one of the great things about the adjustable height style couplers is not their adjust-ability, but instead it's about making them harder to steal. If you plan on leaving your dump box on a job site somewhere and you opt for the $125 adjustable height coupler, simply remove two bolts, take the coupler out and take it with you. Trailers are real hard to steal if they don't have a coupler. Just an idea. ~ Craig

It's a beautiful thing, this new two way hydraulic pump. Upgraded in just about every way from the former KTI model, this girl has tougher solenoids, nearly twice the bearing area in the pump motor and a little thicker material in the hydraulic reservoir itself.. plus! check out the newest long corded remote that comes std.

Most dump box trailers have maybe a 12 foot remote cable, or maybe 15 feet.... but check this out. 25 feet of cable hooked to the rugged, magnetic base two button control! You should be able to stand where you want while dumping with this unit! Not an option... this is standard on 2015 and up Dump box trailers.

She's a good sport too! I said, here baby, hold this while I take a picture. LOL!

I also want to mention the bigger 750amp hour Interstate Marine Deep Cycle battery that comes standard on every unit. It's a big, long service unit that can be easily replaced or warrantied nearly anywhere in the World, which is a nice side note.

All of that hydraulic power gets funneled through our custom tuffgard hoses to a massive 600 series hoist system. This design, combined with the 3,200psi pump and 750 amp battery give you a solid 5.5-6 tons of dumping power all day long. Period.

Also, check out the close cropping of supports under the Hi-Tensile 10 gauge steel floor. (Think you are going to do really BAD things to your new trailer? We'll build your unit with a stupid, overkill strong 8 gauge hi tensile steel floor for only $350 extra). Well over 1,000 of these have gone out into customers hands since their release and we have had NO repair issues or warranty calls about this floor design. Here's a quick fan shot of one doing some heavy work sent in by a happy customer below.

Bryan from Madrid Iowa sent me this photo and wanted to tell me how much he loves his 14' bumper pull dump box trailer. He said that this was the fourth load of busted up concrete he hauled in it that week. No complaints... like I said.

Ok, so we have the toughest frame, the lowest deck height, massive lift capacity and also the steepest dump angle we've seen on a low profile dump box trailer of this type that we have found. A full 52 degrees at full extension.. and isn't being able to actually dump stuff out the point of a dump box trailer?

What good is a trailer if you can't get there and get back. Solid running gear is a must! That's why we chose the Axis Pro-Series system. Here's the rundown for you techy types.

1. Tandem 7,000lb axles with the newest high nickle content springs, plated mount hardware, 12" electric brakes on all four corners and the biggest 9/16" 8 bolt wheel studs you can get.

2. True Easy Lube Spindles. It's extremely handy for keeping things greased when you have to keep running. Click here for a quick explanation of what they are and what they do.

3. Pro-Series Suspension system with the High Nickle content rub pads and greasable center pivot bushings for up to 250,000 miles of service life. (I wanted a close up shot, so I found a naked unit waiting for coatings to get this detail shot of the center pivot)

4. Check out the wheels and tires. New 8 bolt 16" 'disc' wheels (another trailer industry term) with new ST235/80R-16 E rated (10 ply rating) steel belted radials. Are they imports? Yes. But to be honest, someone in China has learned how to properly make tires in the last 3 years because we just don't have any calls about them. Folks are running them down to the cords with no major issues at all, which is a better track record than I've seen on some Goodyear brand tires in the past. Enough said.

In short, it's the toughest, most durable, most easily serviced suspension system we could find within reason.

When we started out making this real design, we called on brother Curtis. Just so you know, Curtis is the man who designed every H&H trailer you have ever seen, including the venerable H&H dump box trailer that became the standard of an entire industry.

But, when he was offered the chance to start with a clean sheet of paper, his only comment was, "Good! I'm going to fix everything I hated about the old one."

What you see here is the culmination of 20 years of manufacturing nearly 25,000 dump box trailers. It's worthy of  more than a few photos worth of explanation as it is slick from one end to the other.

To operate the barn door feature on our gate, simply push in and lift the lock bar to release the gate locks and you are good to go. No pins to remove, nothing to loose. Which is a plus when you're at the landfill or out in a field somewhere.

Just swing the gate around on either side and you can lift up and drop these spring loaded J hooks into the pin holes on the upper hinge... once again, nothing to remove, no pins to lose and very simple to operate.

Once you've got that done, you're ready to dump with the barn doors open.... like thus.

And why is that cool lock pin feature handy? Because you can do this... pretty neat.

Or, you can trip the two lower latches and have the gate swing out from the bottom. (Tip! If you want to sound like you're in the know, just call this rock gating!)

When in rock gate mode, the heavy wall tube of the tail box structure AND the same heavy wall tube of the gate structure really show their stuff, yet it swings effortlessly open as the bed tilts up.

And we even include chain 'keyholes' so you can take some 5/16" lengths of spare log chain, drop one end to the box, the other to the gate and limit how far the gate will come open. This makes it easier to evenly spread gravel, for those who like to be able to do that.

Ramps! Yes... they come standard on our trailer.

Every dump box we sell comes with a pair of these heavy duty 5 foot long ramps, a full 14" wide and made from 3" channel steel for the side rails. Very sturdy units that hook on the tail of the trailer to load and unload anything that you can fit inside of the 82" wide box.

Both ramps slide in from the tail and store neatly in their own underbed carriers out of the way. If you never used them, it wouldn't matter as we hid them away.

Remember how Curtis did his best to eliminate the need for any removable pins or clips that you could lose? Well, he really did something neat on the ramp retainers. This lock bar is spring loaded and has no removable parts. Here it is in the lock position, holding the ramp inside of it's carrier.

Just pull out to collapse the spring and twist the lock bar sideways to open up the hole and pull your ramp out.

Then just pull the ramp out, hang it on the tail and load. It's about as dead rock simple a design as I have ever seen.

Once you have your skidloader or tractor loaded up, you need to secure it. So, we include D ring tie downs in all four corners of the bed.

With 10,000lb per ring load rating, they are more than strong enough to keep what you tied down... tied down.

In a nutshell... there are all of the reasons why we love this trailer and why our customers love it to. I have honestly never had a product quite like this new dump box. A customer will come get one, then his dad will come get one, who's brother in law comes and gets one, who's nephew comes and gets one... and that's about the best reference you can get for a product.

Keep reading below for our spec sheet and even more neat photos of this unit at work.

What do our customers think? Here's an email from one! "
Craig , I just wanted to tell you I gave my dump box trailer a good work out picking up some rocks in my fields and also moving some dirt and it worked  excellent. Nice product. Dan Mannel jefferson,iowa .

and we also got some fan mail with a photo from Caleb Morgan...

Hi Guys! Just thought you might like to see what the trailer you sold me as been up to the last couple weeks. I'm very happy with this purchase. The trailer is working fantastically. Included here is a picture of a typical load for me. It handles the work load just fine.

I've had several people ask me where I got the trailer. I always point out the website to them and tell them that you're great people to work with. So hopefully you'll get some more business.

Thanks again guys.

Caleb Morgan

Thanks to Jim and his brother John from Omaha for getting their new 14' gooseneck dump from us!

Bryan from Madrid Iowa ordered his 14' bumper pull dump with the $395 reel out tarp kit and optional $295 7 gauge steel fenders for almost indestructible ruggedness. Good choice!

Nathan from Underwood Iowa came and got his SECOND 14' dump box from us the other day. He had a fleet of four dump boxes for his roofing company that consisted of two H&H models a Midsota brand and a PJ. He is replacing all four with ours because his guys like them better... we take that as high praise indeed.

Fred from Weeping Water Nebraska is another repeat customer. Here is he picking up HIS second 14' bumper pull dump box for his construction company. It will spend it's days hauling a mini excavator from site to site.

Jim from Sioux Falls South Dakota got his new 14' dump box for his roofing company as well.

Northwest Missouri Cellular is a great multi unit customer of ours and this 14' dump box is just their most recent addition to their fleet.

Kevin from Gentry Missouri added on a new 14' gooseneck dump box to his fleet from us as well.

And I found this great shot of a red gooseneck dump box that went to Allied Construction of Denver earlier this spring. Honestly, the only issue we have is building these fast enough. We have the ability to produce about 250 per year tops, so if you want to become part of the family of owners, get your name in when you can.

Now... enough of that.. on to the data sheet and some more neat feature photos.

Hopefully we can make you as happy as these guys! Read on....

Want a bumper pull Dump Box? Scroll down for the entire feature!
Want a Gooseneck Dump Box?
Click here to see the full 20+ photo tour!

Actually!!! Read both... we've put features about both trailers on different sections.
(Hey! We've got 61 different pages
and 1,500 different photos on this site!
 Our fingers are getting tired!)

Click here to see the tarp system front to back.

What do they weigh?
12' Bumper Pull Dump Trailer empty weight is 3410lbs
14' Bumper Pull Dump Trailer weight is 3610lbs

Want an adjustable height coupler?
It wouldn't be for the rating... this coupler shown is good for a full 14,000lb of capacity as equipped and we have never broken one, or seen anyone break one!
They are tough!
 (Our first question is why... unless you plan on pulling this behind a dump truck, the perfect hitch height will be with the top of your 2 5/16" ball sitting 23-24" off of the ground!) A straight out ball mount with a ball on it will almost perfectly fit this trailer for height and optimum pulling stance. If you still wish to upgrade to an adjustable height coupler, add on a whole whopping $125 and we'll add it on with your choice of pintle ring or 2 5/16" ball hitches!

Want it in a Goose neck? No problem! Only $750 more!
What is the advantage to a gooseneck over a bumper pull? Many things. It can take an exponentially larger tongue load than bumper pull units, is more stable to pull when loaded heavy and also allows you to maneuver the trailer into much tighter spots with less effort. But, it all has a few small drawbacks. You lose a lot of bed space in your truck while you are hitched up and it makes hooking up and unhooking a little more of a chore. My vote? If you have a gooseneck hitch on your truck, by all means.. GET the gooseneck dump trailer.

Just make sure that your accessory circuit on your tow vehicle is live to your trucks trailer lighting plug and the alternator on your truck will charge the battery on the trailer while you tow!

What will this hoist lift? A bunch! In fact this system is over powered for the trailer. Check out the testing photo below... that is quite a little more than a 14,000lb load you are looking at and it dumped it with no problem!

Just pull the ramps out and load even large skid loaders with no problem. Here was our test mule with a T300 bobcat loading and unloading.. tracks and all!

So, what are they designed to lift and dump? Check out some of the test photos for the prototype....

Curtis took the very first unit and LOADED it up to gross capacity with dirt and it tilted and dumped with no problems. We'd like to see actual test photos of other companies dumps!!!! If we say it will do the job, we KNOW it will do the job!

This is the pressure stop test. pick it up, stop it and make it sit still for an extended period of time... keep doing it until YOU get tired. It tests the unit and assures our customers that their new dump box trailer is ready to be used!

So.... what do you think? We believe that this trailer has taken the last 20 years of dump box trailer manufacturing, distilled the very best out of all of the designs Curtis has created in the past and created an entirely new unit that not only does the job better, but safer and more efficiently for LESS money than ever before.

Be assured, nearly every dump box trailer you have seen is some version of a copy of one that we have designed and manufactured in the past. So, the only question is why would you buy a copy of something and pay more money for the copy than the original?

We cannot keep these in stock for long at any time. In fact this first unit was sold DURING this initial photo shoot. Lead times vary, so call Craig and get yours coming asap, before Hull Trailers books production out to the end of the year!