Push button tilt on a Hi Deck? Oh yes!

GTH Tilt Bed Hi Decks

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For those who have a need for heavy-duty towing capacity, Stateline Trailers offers a number of high quality solutions. Our GT Tilt Trailers have been designed with the user in mind; the over-the-wheels deck and power tilting feature makes it adaptable to a wide variety of applications.

New GTH Tilt Bed Hi Deck Trailers
Everything you need... and it tilts!
How many times have we gotten a phone call... 'Can you build me a power tilting trailer with the deck over the wheels?'
And for years, just because we could NOT find the time to get it engineered, we would just say no and leave it at that. But we finally chipped away at the design and here is our SECOND model. The first one left so fast that we did not have time to photo it! Shown here is a full on 44' deck length, 20k tandem dual Hi Deck with power tilting design. We call it the GTH Gooseneck Hi Deck Tilt, for obvious reasons....
Here is pricing on all available std models. Need something special? Pick up the phone and call us at 712 589 3055 or email us now!

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New 34' 24,500lb GVWR trim GTH built for a professional towing client in St. Louis... options shown include, 24,500lb GVWR tandem dual upgrade with dual landing gear, spare mounted on neck and a 12,000lb winch installed... Call Craig for a custom quote on anything you need. 712 589 3055

NOTE!!! We tilted it up just a little to show it off... but you ALWAYS want to have your trailer hooked up to your truck when loading and unloading. 

24,500lb GVWR tandem dual unit comes ready to use as delivered. Nothing to add. Just hook up and go. 

30' GTH in std 14,000lb axle capacity (total GVWR is 18,500lbs including gooseneck hitch capacity)

Tilted down and ready to tow, it looks like a regular deck above the wheels unit.

Then, when it's time to load, just push the button and tilt it up. It's that simple. 

The trailer looks all the world like a regular, flip the ramps down style of hi deck trailer at first glance. That is because we worked to hide everything that makes it a tilt out of the way. The only real option on this trailer is the addition of a matching spare wheel and tire on the std neck top mount. Otherwise, this unit is ready to go with other options added, just ask for a 44 foot GH tilt in 20k trim and this is what you will get.

Up front, it's pretty standard 20,000lb tandem dually hi deck equipment. Big 19lb per foot Hi Tensile I Beam frame and tongue, dual 20,000lb jacks, 25,0000lb rated coupler with adjustable height, breakaway system, monster safety chains and more... all std.

Ok now.... we just tilted it up for PHOTO's ONLY... always hook to your truck before you load or unload!!! But this shows you how much stroke is built into this unit, it tilted up and nearly touched the front coupler on the ground before it limited out! But, how does it tilt? Read on....

With the entire hydraulics system nestled safely inside of it's own locking box up in the neck, battery included, you just hit the button and this trailer tilts up in about 20 seconds.

THIS is where the work is done a pair of 3.5x20 cylinders work in conjunction with 3,000psi hydraulics to create over 20,000lbs of lifting force at the heads of the cylinders. What does this mean? It means that there is more than enough power built in to lift ANYTHING that this trailer is rated to carry on the deck, with no problem.

Once tilted, you have a decent slope angle to get up on and no issues with clearance!

Imagine it... a full 44 foot long deck, 102" wide and you can just tilt it and drive right on. Sweet.

This unit is equipped with the optional 20,000lb tandem dual suspension package which includes oil bath axles, massive four wheel brakes and 8 complete ST235/80R-16 10 ply rated steel belted radials on load specific 'bud' style dual wheels. It's one commercial ready system.

To make sure that your new trailer meets all US and Canadian DOT standards, we even include this nifty drop down bumper system with LED lights installed. The entire unit comes fully equipped with LED lights as std equipment.

All we can say is that we are happy with the design and invite you to call with any questions! Need a quote on a unit?
Call Craig now at 712 589 3055 or Email him here.